Gun Cleaning Service

(These services are to clean firearms – not restore them)

Typical firearms we clean are rifles, shotguns, AR15 / AK47, revolvers & pistols. Contact us for any surplus / specialty / antique firearms you are looking for service on.

Basic Clean: $35.00 Field strip firearm and conduct a basic cleaning.
Detailed Clean: $55.00 Fully disassemble firearm and clean.
Diagnostic Service: $65.00 Includes a detailed cleaning and check for any issues with your firearm.
Specialty Clean: $100.00 + This cleaning is for firearms that are either uncommon or considered antiques. This level of service is also applied for heavily rusted firearms, extremely neglected or filthy firearms and surplus firearms covered in grease / cosmoline or similar coatings.
Typical turn-around time is one to two weeks unless otherwise stated. Time & cost increase when additional services such as sight-in / scope mounting or repair parts are requested / needed.

Scope Service

Line bore-sight (ONLY applicable to scopes that are already mounted): $20.00

Scope / Base Mounting (FREE with the purchase of a scope): $30.00

***The Above Rates are for Labor Only, No Parts Included***