Grading Guide

Use this guide, along with photos of the items listed, to understand the way we grade & determine the condition of guns / items we sell. The guide also applies to firearm accessories, bayonets, helmets & daggers etc. When we list a gun condition as “Excellent” or “Very Good”, please refer to this guide to get a general idea of what that means. Grading firearms & used merchandise is a very subjective process. We hope this guide will help to eliminate some guessing & disparity between conflicting grading opinions. This guide was developed using a combination of Blue Book & NRA grades, Shotgun News guide & general gun industry standards. We distinguish between modern guns and older surplus / antique guns. Antique & collectible guns often have different condition standards and are graded differently than the provided general guide.

FTR – Factory Thorough Repair. British definition of an arsenal rebuilt or overhauled weapon.

Arsenal Refurbished – Any military weapon that has been rebuilt, refinished or overhauled by an official state or government arsenal. This could be something as simple as a replaced stock or a complete rebuild & refinish.

SPORTERISED – Any military weapon that has been modified to a hunting or commercial type. This could also include nickel/chrome plating, re-bluing & the addition of commercial sights, grips or stocks.

NEW – Unused, same condition as coming from the factory. Factory warranty.

UNISSUED / LIKE NEW – Unused, but may not have box or factory accessories. May have been sold at retail before, but never used. Unissued surplus guns are unused, but are still often several decades old, and may sometimes show small handling / storage marks & may have been rebuilt or refinished by an arsenal.

USED BUT LIKE NEW CONDITION – May have been slightly used, but shows no wear, perfect condition.

EXCELLENT – May show slight use, no easily apparent defects, minimal bluing wear, mainly slight at edges and muzzle, little scratches on wood or metal. Shiny bore.

VERY GOOD PLUS – Shows slight wear, only minor defects or dings / scratches. Nice looking bluing but worn at edges and muzzle.

VERY GOOD – Everything works, some wear on finish & working surfaces. Minimal or no corrosion, but maybe some light freckling. May have minor dents and scratches. Bore may not be super shiny but should not be dark.

GOOD PLUS– Working condition, but finish more worn than Very Good grade. Some wear on working surfaces but fully functional. Could have some light freckling, and dings or scratches, but does not interfere with function. May have frosted bore. This condition is a step up from basic Good condition.

GOOD – Working condition, but finish may be quite worn from sustained use or carry. Expect wear on working surfaces. The item may have some dings & scratches, pitting or light corrosion / freckling, but they should not interfere with function. May have dark, worn bore. This is the typical condition that most surplus guns are graded by.

FAIR (or ABOUT GOOD) – Still considered working usually, though minor adjustment may be needed. Item will have well-worn finish or possibly no finish left. May have corrosion or pitting that does not render gun unusable. Bore may be shot smooth and be dark. Wood may have cracks / chips but is still typically usable.

POOR – Adjustment or replacements of parts need, may not be functioning. Worn out or rusty, sold for parts or for repair only.

“GUNSMITH SPECIAL” – These guns & items are broken or missing parts, and need to be repaired and checked by a gunsmith before using. They maynot necessarily be in worn condition, and though not-functioning, may sometimes be in very nice condition.

NOTE: The condition of a refinished, FTR, arsenal rebuilt or overhauled gun is based on its condition after refinishing. Refinishing or arsenal overhaul does not automatically lessen or increase a gun’s grade. New items / firearms are covered by manufacturers warranty if applicable. Used items / weapons are sold as is and as pictured. Pictures are part of the description. No warranty is expressed or implied on any item offered for sale.