Engraving Service

We proudly partner with Mr. Dan Dzivi of Dzivi Engraving. Mr. Dzivi is a Texas engraver who, even as a child has always been fascinated with engraved firearms. Around 2014, Mr. Dzivi began looking for something to do after he retired. Mr. Dzivi has had the opportunity to learn and study under some of the finest engravers in the industry. With the advice of an older local engraver, he enrolled in classes at GRS in Emporia, Kansas. Dan studied “Basic Engraving” under the instruction of Rex Peterson as well as “Firearms Engraving.” He also studied lettering under Sam Alrano and Bulino under Jake Newell. One may see several of his completed examples in our gallery. These weapons feature beautifully executed engraving. As a full-time engraver, each piece is executed with passion, integrity and pure attention to detail. From basic engraving to gold inlay, we can accommodate most any taste, style & budget.